The certified specialists and engineers of Cybersafe provide deep-seated expertise in the latest technology and cybersecurity practice advancements – all to protect your systems.

The team at Cybersafe has spent years perfecting their craft in the financial, healthcare, government and private sectors. As a result, our highly skilled experts can identify security issues, risk exposures, and vulnerabilities that can go unnoticed by conventional security protocols.



Forward Thinking
We introduce, on average, a new tool or process to our services every few weeks, not just to react to the ever-evolving cyber threat, but also in anticipation of new ones based on trends and threat feeds–not just to protect your systems but also to make your organization a less desirable target to potential attackers.

Problem Solvers
We live for finding fragmented packets, unexplained outbound IPSec tunnels, weird DNS lookups, and mismatched sequence numbers. We work directly with clients to assess their security risks and implement pragmatic solutions. So no matter how critical your cyber security issues may be, Cybersafe can develop a customized solution that’s right for your organization.

True Expertise
Cybersafe specialists have worked at some of the most highly secure government agencies, including NASA and the U.S. Navy. Our team has also worked with large healthcare organizations and Fortune 100 companies.

From SMBs, to Large Critical Infrastructures, Cybersafe partners with businesses, organizations, and individuals to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats and attacks that are continuously evolving.

Cybersecurity Experts, NASA, Cyber security experts
Cybersecurity Experts, Government agencies, Cyber security experts


Benedetto Filingeri
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ben is the CEO of Cybersafe Solutions as well as the founder of several successful enterprises in the Greater New York City area, specializing in the development of services that recognize and address emerging market needs and technology.

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As an experienced entrepreneur and businessman, Ben has led Cybersafe from its early days as a startup to its current status as a regional cybersecurity powerhouse–by aligning with some of the greatest cybersecurity specialists in the field in order to best serve clients throughout the Eastern seaboard.

Domenick Gandolfo
Chief Security Strategist

Domenick is a seasoned cybersecurity veteran with over 20 years of “hands on” enterprise level experience leading technical initiatives that secure data, ensure compliance and support business productivity. Read More

Domenick began his career as a Network Specialist for a regional educational service agency that provided programs and opportunities within 18 school districts. During his support role at the educational institution, Domenick attained certifications from both CompTIA and Cisco. He eventually moved on to join a global leader in mission-critical service parts logistics supporting Fortune 500 clients including Cisco, EMC, Hitachi, Avaya and Dell, holding leadership roles as both a Senior Network Security Engineer and Network Manager. During his tenure at the logistics organization, he was responsible for designing, securing, implementing, and ensuring optimal uptime of critical systems and infrastructure. He spearheaded the build out of an enterprise class business continuity and disaster recovery solution and was responsible for the overall security infrastructure. Domenick was recruited to drive the build out of the IT department and define the technology strategy and roadmap while strengthening the overall security posture for the largest urology practice in the United States. Domenick was eventually appointed Chief Security Officer and was responsible for developing, maintaining and implementing an enterprise information security program. He developed and oversaw the adoption of security policies and procedures, and created a company-wide security awareness training program. Domenick drove a complete redesign of both server and network infrastructure while supporting 1000 employees across 62 locations. He identified risks and vulnerabilities, implemented controls and led the deployment of new security hardware and software in order to achieve compliance with government regulations. Domenick is an expert in identifying risks, defining appropriate mitigation controls, and deploying fully integrated data systems and network security solutions to ensure safe computing and achieve regulatory compliance. Domenick has participated in numerous cyber challenges for both the Red and Blue Team battling with and against United States Military personnel in simulated cyber espionage type of attacks. Domenick holds the prestigious and globally recognized Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation. He also holds the GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH), GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN) and GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA) information security certifications. Domenick has also held previous certifications as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and a Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA). Domenick received his B.S. cum laude from Long Island University.

Craig Naylor
Chief Technology Officer

Craig Naylor is a highly accomplished practitioner in cybersecurity. He advises senior executives, presents at seminars, participates on panels to educate the community on cyber threats, and is an Adjunct Instructor for the first NSA-certified Cybersecurity Center. Read More

Additionally, Mr. Naylor is an established entrepreneur, having founded five technology startups and worked at three others. In addition to startups, Mr. Naylor has broad industry experience in government, media, telecommunications, technology and finance. He has worked for NASA, The U.S. Navy, The Army Corps of Engineers, Nielsen, AT&T, Dell, Nasdaq and JP Morgan over the course of his career. Mr. Naylor holds multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees in technology and science. He attended the U.S. Naval Academy, the University of Maryland, Rowan University and Troy University. He’s earned 16 industry certifications over the past 20 years. On a personal note, Mr. Naylor was a nationally ranked swimmer, holding a handful of Mid-Atlantic and National records over the course of his career. He was an NCAA National Champion, four-time NCAA All-American and was inducted into the Rowan University Sports Hall of Fame in 2007, where he currently holds several university records.

Keith Strassberg
Chief Operating Officer

A graduate of Binghamton University, Keith is an Information Security expert with over 20 years of experience. As an exceptional out of the box thinker, he possesses a keen ability to design and implement security solutions that enable businesses to succeed. With that, Cybersafe Solutions is able to offer clients greater, state-of-art solutions that have become vital in the ever changing security challenged world of technology. Read More

He has shared that experience by authoring numerous books on the topic of information security such as Information Security: The Complete Reference, Second Edition (ISBN 0071784357), Network Security: The Complete Reference (ISBN 0072226978) and The Complete Guide to Firewalls (ISBN 0072195673). Keith’s career has taken him far and wide. Prior to joining Cybersafe Solutions, he served as President and CTO for SHC Universal – a global market research company. Other professional experiences include working with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, Greenwich Technology Partners and Arthur Andersen, LLP.

Serafina Chiaramonte
Chief Administration Officer

Serafina has extensive experience in the corporate industry, managing and operating several business entities with an extensive educational background and training in business. Cybersafe Solutions she is responsible for developing and implementing short/long term office organizational goals and objectives including; management of all assets, expenses, liabilities, facilities and equipment. Serafina is also responsible for hiring, training and supervision of all support staff, and more.


Mark Petersen
Vice President of Sales

Mark Petersen is the Vice President of Sales for Cybersafe Solutions. Petersen is responsible for leading a dynamic, customer centric team; under Marks leadership, the team is focused on expanding Cybersafe’s global presence by identifying powerful strategic partnerships and cultivating long term relationships with the existing client base. Read More

Prior to joining the Cybersafe Solutions team, Petersen was part of the Vitralogy Executive Leadership team where he was responsible for sales, marketing & financial performance. With more than 20 years of experience, Petersen played a key role in developing and directing successful business models by capitalizing on market trends while building competitive advantages. In his early years, Petersen served as the Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations at American Telephone Company, a nationwide provider of Cloud Technology Services, which was acquired by a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company.

His reputation as an effective leader with a deep understanding of expanding markets who adapts to industry dynamics and keenly identifies growth stage technology companies at the startup level, uniquely positions Petersen to deliver sound results.

Rosana Filingeri
Strategic Partnership Specialist

A graduate from High Point University, Rosana brings her Sales & Marketing background to Strategic Partnerships team. Rosana is responsible for developing and managing major partnerships and collaborations that both support and extend Cybersafe Solutions’ traditional client base. She is responsible for supporting and managing key aspects of each channel partnership


Thomas Pioreck
Manager of Information Services

Thomas has over a decade in information security, having spent many years as the security lead for a CPA and consulting firm.He has implemented and maintained enterprise levels of application whitelisting, anti-virus, and endpoint monitoring systems. Thomas designed and ran incident response, regularly developed and implemented risk assessments, vulnerability management, and multifactor authentication projects. Read More

In addition, he has been the lead member for the implementation and maintenance of various regulatory standards, including, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, MA-201, and PCI-DSS. His work has involved selection and implementation of varying frameworks, NIST and ISO, based on the needs and feasibility for specific entities.


Our cyber defense experts are armed with a deep knowledge of security practices and a wide range of a nationally recognized certifications in the IT & cyber security industries. Cybersafe’s specialists utilize a proactive approach that focuses on people, process and technology for a truly effective cyber defense. Our team follows best industry practices by prioritizing and implementing a list of security controls based upon the latest security frameworks to mitigate risk, loss and liability.

GMON GIAC Certified Incident Handler, Cybersafe Solutions cybersecurity, cyber security expert, certified experts

GIAC Continuous
Monitoring Certification

GCIH GIAC Certified Incident Handler, Cybersafe Solutions cybersecurity, cyber security expert, certified experts

GIAC Certified
Incident Handler

GCFA GIAC Certified Incident Handler, Cybersafe Solutions cybersecurity, cyber security expert, certified experts

GIAC Certified
Forensic Analyst

GCIA GIAC Certified Incident Handler, Cybersafe Solutions cybersecurity, cyber security expert, certified experts

GIAC Certified
Intrusion Analyst

GIAC Assessing and auditing wireless networks GAWN

GIAC Certified
Auditing Wireless Networks Certification

GCUX GIAC Certified UNIX Security Administrator

GIAC Certified
Unix Security Administrator

GPEN GIAC Certified Penetration Tester

GIAC Certified
Network Penetration Testing

Certified Information
Systems Security Professional

GIAC certification holders are recognized as experts in the industry and are sought after globally by government, military and industry leaders to protect the cyber environment.

Cybersafe’s team employs specialized industry expertise to develop and customize strategies that produce robust and dynamic protective security capabilities. Our team is comprised of experts in incident response management, advanced digital forensics, continuous security monitoring and enterprise security assessments.

We provide the unique ability to combine deep security expertise across strategy, technology and operations–offering clients an enterprise-wide security program to protect, detect, and respond to advanced threats and attacks 24/7.

We Are Cybersafe Solutions®

Cybersafe is a trusted adviser and partner to a wide range of clients including retail, private equity firms, investment firms, publicly traded corporations, and healthcare institutions. We work with our clients to assess their cyber security risks and implement pragmatic solutions.

Why We’re Passionate About Cybersecurity

Vulnerable Computers Due to Java, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader 99% Share of Data Breaches Exposing SSN & Real Names 69% Funds Declared Unrecoverable From a Cyber Attack 68% Security Incident Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) 66% Current & Former Employees Who Steal Proprietary Data 65% Email Spam Rate 60%