Cybersafe’s Threat Hunters proactively hunt down undetected compromises–enabling an organization to rapidly assess endpoints for evidence of tampering, including malware, elusive root-kits and back doors.

Threat Hunting Engagement
We examine 100% of your IT endpoints (desktops, laptops, servers), including:

  • Interrogating endpoints for signs of compromise and other suspicious code
  • Checking for the presence of persistence mechanisms used to maintain system access across reboots
  • Examining volatile memory for signs of manipulation and/or hidden processes
  • Identification of disabled security controls such as Anti-Virus and Windows Defender
  • Verification that critical operating system files are unaltered
  • Identification of unauthorized or unwanted remote access tools
  • A comprehensive report that enables your team to take decisive action
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Every day, hackers are devising new ways to penetrate your defenses, which is why the experts at Cybersafe are working to stay one step ahead of the curve to protect you, your integral business systems and data.

cybersafe Threat hunting platform: 1. Identify Assets 2. Deploying Sensors 3.Endpoint Forensic Analysis 4.Threat Intelligence 5. Report Findings & Recommendations


Cybersafe streamlines the hunt through automated deployment of operating system independent rapid scanning sensors. The sensors automatically dissolve at the end of the scan eliminating the need for post hunt clean-up or left behind code.

Compromise Discovery

Cybersafe Aggregated Threat Intelligence

Cybersafe leverages threat data from hundreds of sources in the Cyber Industry to maximize our effectiveness in identifying malware and other threats. Our Threat Hunting Team has the tools and expertise to accelerate threat discovery, rapidly locate the root cause to enable organizations to close security gaps.

Cybersafe delivers leading and cost effective solutions to identify and mitigate active compromises and environmental threats.

Building upon a proven track record in the government, public and private sectors, Cybersafe’s information security experts have built a rock-solid Threat Hunting team specializing in Incident Management, Forensic Analysis, Application and Enterprise Network Security Assessments.