A penetration test simulates the exploitive techniques used by attackers to identify security gaps inside your network, information systems, personnel practices and business processes.

From Vulnerability Assessments to Penetration Tests to Red Team Engagements, Cybersafe Solutions’ technical team has the expertise and knowledge to customize an assessment to fit your needs.


The term “Penetration Test” has come to cover a wide variety of security testing engagements.  At the most basic end of the testing spectrum is an engagement Cybersafe commonly refers to as a “Vulnerability Scan”. These engagements are quick, simple and highly automated assessments that use commercial scanning tools against defined targets to check for any known vulnerabilities.

However, vulnerability scans will not find unique security gaps in a particular environment or gaps that require a combination of vulnerabilities to be successful. Penetration tests add the expertise of a seasoned security consultant to find security gaps that a Vulnerability Scan cannot.

Cybersafe employs an intelligence driven penetration testing methodology to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in target environments. Cybersafe’s security consultants will attempt to exploit weaknesses in security controls and combine attacks to penetrate deeper into a target.

Finally, Organizations wishing to test not only their defenses but also their detection and response capabilities would look for a Red Team Assessment. Red Team Assessments will do anything and everything necessary to achieve the defined objective. They may include additional methodologies such as social engineering or even attempts to bypass physical controls.

Regardless of which testing level is right for your organization, the value of intelligence cannot be disregarded. Every business operates differently, and not all threats are created equal. Using an intelligence-driven approach prioritizes what puts your assets most at risk. Not what is most at risk for everyone else.


In a “Pentest”, Cybersafe assumes the role of adversary and attempts to hack into your computer system in order to determine attack vectors, exploitable vulnerabilities, and whether attacks are detectable. A Pentest can also be used to test an organization’s security policy compliance, its employees’ security awareness and the organization’s ability to identify and respond to security incidents. Depending on the scope, the process can include a single web server all the way up to a proactive, in-depth analysis of your aggregate network looking for any potential vulnerabilities, including poor or inadequate system and application configurations, hardware and software flaws, and operational weaknesses in the process or technical countermeasures.


Risk Awareness
The results of your penetration test will arm you with the information and insight to understand where your organization’s weaknesses are in order to create a program to minimize those vulnerabilities.

Rest assured that personnel practices, business processes, deployment of new systems, and changes to your critical applications maintain the level of security that you require.

Penetration testing, in some instances are required by law, in order to maintain compliance with standards such as SOC 2 and PCI DSS.

Be Informed
A penetration test will help you forecast budgetary spending for future plans and create a plan to improve your security program.