Instantly detect endpoint intrusions, respond and isolate within seconds of discovery. Terminate ongoing attacks before data is exfiltrated, assets are further compromised, or irreversible damage is done.

Cybersafe provides a complete compliance security platform and compliance auditing for your organization.

Endpoint Target Attack
Attackers are on the prowl and looking for access to all your sensitive information stored on an endpoint (desktop, laptop, server, etc.). Most organizations are using traditional security such as antivirus for protection, which leaves the endpoint vulnerable. Antivirus is ineffective against today’s targeted attacks. The endpoint is the new perimeter.

Today’s security landscape demands a new approach to endpoint security. Where organizations need to watch and record everything in order to retain data and create a “system-of-record” for your security.

Once you have that system of record, you can rewind the tape on any attack to see how it occurred. This allows you to understand its source so you can terminate it, contain it, and ultimately disrupt it.

Disrupt Attacker Behavior
Root cause: Move beyond signatures/hashes. Determine root cause. Address the real attack vector, not symptoms.

Patterns of attack: Understand patterns of attack behavior. Systematically shut down tactics, techniques and procedures. Eliminate repeat attacks.

Customized: Customize detection rules to fit your unique threat and risk profile. Never let attackers hide.

Remediate: Diagnose, contain, disrupt and remediate attacks from anywhere. “Live” remote control.

• Make attackers change their behavior–shift the balance of power
• Remediate faster, address root cause
• Reduce exposure and risk profile


Endpoint Threat Detection & Incident Response That Empowers 100% Transparency Into Root Cause

Deconstructing the moment of compromise

When prevention inevitably fails, detection becomes critical. Cybersafe’s Endpoint Monitoring allows our team of cyber experts to understand patterns of attack behavior, determine root cause of an attack, and ultimately contain and disrupt attacks before significant damage occurs.

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Cybersafe Endpoint Security Monitoring Methodology

Our team’s approach to Endpoint Security Monitoring incorporates the full security lifecycle of Prevention, Detection and Incident Response. Prevention alone is no longer an effective security strategy and it’s inherently flawed. Our team of cyber experts focuses on detection in addition to prevention in order to proactively identify malicious attacks.

Cybersafe’s analysts utilize state-of-the-art detection and response tools which provides the necessary visibility to rapidly detect, contain and remediate threats before any damage occurs.

By proactively monitoring and recording all activity on endpoints and servers our responders can reduce the cost of incident response while also decreasing the dwell time of targeted threats through instant attack intervention and remediation.

Cybersafe’s Full Security Lifecycle Coverage

Determining root cause on how an attack started and fixing the problem.

Cybersafe has successfully responded to targeted attacks on our clients endpoints.

Through continuous recording and instant visibility across the Enterprise, our analysts were able to determine the following on our clients’ endpoints:

  • Methods attacker was using
  • System under attack
  • Identified the directory where malware was staging
  • Identified the malware connecting to the C&C Server
  • Identified other endpoints in the network where the same malware was staging
  • All IP addresses associated with the malware
  • Reconnaissance activities of the attacker and what accounts the attacker was trying to access