Dispelling Cyber Myths

The first step in protecting your business is to understand the truth about cybersecurity tools and protections.

Myth 1 — We use strong passwords so we are safe — The reality is that users reuse passwords across many different websites.  It doesn’t matter how strong it is when one of those sites gets hacked and the password is simply stolen.

Myth 2 — Our antivirus program protects us.   — And they do! But antivirus programs are just one piece of the puzzle and only reliably detect 60% of malware and viruses. What do you do about the other 40%?

Myth 3 — I have a firewall, it protects me. — As with AntiVirus, Firewalls are great tools and a must have for every organization. But they are not foolproof and they don’t protect against attacks like phishing emails and internal threats.

Myth 4 — I’m not a target! — The reality is that all businesses are targets. From their data to their bank accounts – hackers are interested in businesses big and small.

Myth 5 — Cybersecurity is just another expense! — A strong cyber program can turn into a competitive advantage as it boosts efficiency and enables greater usability of important systems and services.  It can also create trust with customers and vendors and make compliance a snap.


• Monitors infrastructure 24/7/365
• Protects against new and emerging threats
• Utilizes state-of-the-art security technologies and processes
• Offloads complex cybersecurity tasks from your internal resources to our experts
• Cybersafe employs highly skilled, seasoned cybersecurity analysts