Cyber Attacks Are Now a Top Business Risk

Cybersecurity is not an IT problem, it’s a business problem.
1 in every 4 companies will suffer some sort of Cyber Incident in 2018.

Every day, companies are being attacked and their valuable data compromised. Small to mid-sized companies are emerging as the preferred target for cyber attacks due to their unsophisticated defenses. Many executives believe their IT people are on top of their cyber security, but in reality, they lack the in-depth Cyber expertise required to deal with today’s sophisticated attackers leaving them at risk.

Your company is a prime target.

Every company is a target.  Whether you have critical data that can be sold on the dark web, or simply have your IT systems held for ransom money.  No business should assume it’s not a target for hackers.

How can you protect your assets?

There are no silver bullets that will protect your business from every cyber attack, but there are prudent, economical steps you can take to ensure your business can thrive in today’s dangerous cyber world.