Be Cybersafe This Holiday Weekend

When you’re away from your home or office having fun in the sun, cyber thieves are hard at work. Be cybersafe and follow a few simple tips this holiday weekend and have a safe #LaborDay!


  • Back up your sensitive data on the devices you are bringing in case they are lost or stolen.
  • Install the latest updates for your operating system and all third-party applications (e.g. Adobe Acrobat, Java, Adobe Flash, etc.).
  • Refrain from announcing your upcoming travel plans or posting pictures on social media while you are away.  This could make your house a prime target for a burglary.
  • Disable the Wi-Fi auto connect option and clear the list of SSID’s on your mobile devices to prevent a threat actor from intercepting your traffic between your device and a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Use a fully functioning anti-malware solution for all of your mobile devices.


  • Airports, cafes and restaurants may offer public, free and unprotected Wi-Fi, don’t use it without a VPN to encrypt your connection.
  • Use Wi-Fi at your hotel ONLY if their connections are secured with passwords. And if you need to access sensitive material for work, set up VPN beforehand.
  • Do not use public computers to login to sensitive websites or accounts. This includes logging in to your online banking and email accounts or making purchases through online shopping websites.


  • Install the latest software updates for your operating system, third party applications including your anti-malware or anti-virus software.  Run manual scans on your devices to check for any malicious software or actors that you may have picked up while away.
  • Check your bank account and any banking activity for suspicious transactions or withdrawals.
  • For precautionary reasons, you may want to change the passwords on any sensitive accounts that you may have logged into while away. Enabling two-factor authentication on all accounts prior to going away will protect against stolen login credentials.

We know these are things no one wants to have to think about during busy times preparing for a trip, or while relaxing on your trip, but that’s what attackers are banking on! Be sure to take these few precautions to be a less desirable target while you’re enjoying your time away. Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend.